2016/11/04 - Press

The Vendée Globe 2016 departure: D-2 for the StMichel-Virbac

On 6 November Jean-Pierre Dick will leave Les Sables d'Olonne at the start of his fourth Vendée Globe. A few facts about the course for this, the most famous of single-handed sailing races, a 45,000 km loop around the world.


JP Dick: "I can't wait to start this wonderful journey. Every part of it has its special features. I like the South Atlantic best; its calm and its beautiful sunsets. What also gives this race its attraction is the danger. I love the challenge, the risks and the power of the elements in the Southern Ocean."


Theoretical distance: about 25,000 miles, that is, 46,300 kilometres.
Capes to be rounded: Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn.
Oceans to be crossed: Atlantic, Indian, Pacific.
Key passages: Bay of Biscay, the Doldrums, the Southern Ocean, Cape Horn and the voyage back up the Atlantic.
The Antarctic Exclusion Zone: this is an area that sailors aren't allowed to enter, to minimise the risk of encounters with icebergs. 

Check out the map of the 2016 course and the interactive press dossier St Michel-Virbac.