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Social responsibility

Measuring and improving well-being at work

Throughout the year, emphasis was placed on the topics of information and communication as well as those of training and development. The first component stands out, in particular by improving the transmission of company-wide strategic decisions made through regular and tiered information meetings across the departments or by rolling out formalized and implemented best practices on subjects such as information sharing, improving transversality and “working better together”.

Increasing the visibility of the actions carried out within the various departments also makes it possible to enhance Virbac’s expertise, both individually and collectively.

The Group continues to invest in Digital Learning, which figures prominently in the deployment of training courses, combining e-learning and practical activities over a period of time.

In addition, specific customized training projects geared towards topics as varied as collaboration, project management or business relationship management have emerged, as well as individual support through coaching or personalized follow-up.

Developing employees also means offering more career opportunities within the Group. World-wide open positions are brought to the attention of employees by publishing them on the Virbac Intranet, so as to promote increased internal and international mobility. To better respond to the increase in employee transfers from one entity to another in the years to come, practices in this area have been harmonized by developing a Group-wide comprehensive and equitable international mobility policy.

Facilitating the transmission of information for improved sharing, optimizing operating methods to increase efficiency and enhancing the development of know-how to ensure quality skills are all practices that aim to strike a balance between the performance of the company and improving the quality of working life from a sustainable development perspective.

All the social indicators in the 2017 sustainable development report  (page 44)

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