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The Virbac regionalisation model is deployed internationally...


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Effective and convenient

Safe, simple to administer, easy to handle and accompanied by services and educational advice – every one of Virbac's products has been designed for optimum use in order to improve the compliance and the prescriptions' efficacy. 
Throughout the years, Virbac has shown its know-how to the market requirements, detect, understand and interpret the needs of its customers.
Coupled with an original approach it allows Virbac to provide innovative and differenciated products to its customers.


The most important partners of the company have always been veterinarians, the indispensable link between animals and their owners, who play a major part in preventing and treating animal pathologies. It is Virbac's job to support them do theirs. To respond to the every need of veterinarians, Virbac offers a full range of diagnostic, biological, pharmaceutical, pet food and other products and services.
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