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Meeting the customer’s essential needs, across almost all therapeutic segments and for nearly all species. This is the philosophy of the Virbac range. Simple to administer, easy to handle, supported by educational advice and services... every pharmaceutical and biological drug as every nutritional and diagnostic product is designed for optimal daily use.
Products of Virbac range
All over the world, internal and external parasites are one of the main problems in animal health. Specific formulations developed from the main molecules used to treat both companion animals and food producing animals, as well as a wide range, provide a clear illustration of Virbac values: innovation and customer-driven focus. 
Its skill in formulation development enables Virbac to give veterinarians and farmers access to antibiotics (associated to anti-inflammatories if necessary) designed to meet their needs, in the context of a responsible use of antibiotics 
The foundations for the effective prevention of the major diseases in companion and food producing animals, Virbac’s range of vaccines differentiates itself through the variety and quality of its offer.
Virbac offers veterinarians quick diagnostic tests at clinics, which provide the best combination of practicality, performance and service.
Virbac offers a wide range of hyperpre­mium petfood specifically developed for veterinarians, which meets the natural requirements of dogs and cats at each stage of their lives and according to their level of health.
A pioneer in veterinary dermatology, today Virbac is the leader in this high-potential sector, thanks to its wide innovative range of products dedicated to veterinarians and petowners. 
Hygiene-dentaire.pngDENTAL HYGIENE
Tartar, dental plaque, bad breath… just some of the many concerns of petowners to which Virbac, the leader in this sector, brings efficient and easy-to-use products.
Virbac is a leader in canine reproduction thanks to its differentiated and innovative products, designed for veterinarians. The company is also developing its food producing animal business. 
Virbac has a complete range of drugs intended for aquaculture production around the world: salmon, trout, tilapia, pangasius, prawns, etc. This range focuses in particular on prevention of the main bacterial and viral diseases through major innovations such as oral vaccination.
Virbac holds also leader positions on new markets such as anesthesia, geriatrics and electronic identification. 

Products of Virbac range


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