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13e rue LID - BP 27
F 06511 Carros cedex
Fax: +33 4 92 08 76 58

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Share price

Virbac provides clear, consistent and transparent information to its individual and institutional shareholders and their advisors (financial analysts). This information is relayed by means of financial announcements published in the French media, press releases published on financial websites and the AMF website, and publication of Group quar terly sales figures and half-year results as required by law.
Complete and updated financial information is avaliable on our website in the "Finance" section. Internet users may not only consult and download press releases, annual and half-year financial statements, annual report, but also e-mail questions pertaining to Group financial matters to
Users can also access to a section entitled "Regulated information", which gathers all the informations required by the transparency directive and the AMF's general regulations (Autorité des marchés financiers).
Management is heavily involved in communicating with the investors and analysts they meet throughout the course of the year, primarily in the Paris and London markets. Analyst meetings and conference calls are arranged to coincide with the publication of results, acquisitions or other major events for the Group. The Financial Affairs department is available to answer any questions investors and analysts may have regarding the Group’s strategy, products, published results or major events.
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