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Strategic segments

Segmentation dans le monde

Innovation at Virbac is managed by major species to reflect their specificities in all areas: pathologies, owners, veterinarians, breeding systems for livestock, livestock’s production partners.

This approach allows to integrate regional specificities, more or less underlined according to species.

catsCompanion animals represent a very large segment, in all regions of the world such as Europe, North America and strong growth in Asia, Latin America and Oceania. Virbac is active in the fields of pharmaceutical and biological products in this segment.
pet foodPet food is an important segment, growing, in which Virbac brings its expertise through a range of innovative pet food suited to the needs of healthy dogs and cats or suffering from diseases. This area receives technical innovations quickly integrated in our products that veterinarians can recommend to their patients.
Ruminants: cattle, sheep, goats are present on every continents with various farming systems adapted to regions and productions: milk or meat especially. Virbac has organized its Innovation for ruminants taking into account regional specificities with Northern Hemisphere segment pooling Europe, North America and some Asian countries and South Hemisphere segment incorporating Latin America, Oceania and the rest of Asia. The innovation of oriented pharmaceutical product, in ruminants, has been strengthened in the vaccines’ field.
pigSwine is an important strategic segment, more and more oriented to a professional breeding. Innovation is to offer products tailored to this type of farming and the health challenges he faces on all continents. Vaccines are the future of Virbac pig farming.
fishAquaculture is a growing segment that meets the needs of the human population for proteins with farmed cold water fish like salmon farms and warm water fish. Virbac Innovation is very active in aquaculture and anticipates the future of these farms, especially in the field of vaccines.


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