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Innovation contact
Virbac is seeking actively collaborations on state of the art technologies, new actives that can be the basis for innovation products:
Business development contact
Virbac is seeking for new commercial opportunities and business:

R&D centers

R&D centres

These centers are equipped with specialized teams. Their activities are supported by an analysis and formulation laboratory as well as production units. For some trials, they call on external research & development centers (CRO) to entrust with their studies. 

France - Carros

  • The company's main center
  • Focused on companion animal and food producing animal products
  • Products with and without marketing authorization
  • Companion animal vaccines
  • Development of projects for all areas, particularly in collaboration with the USA and Japan (companion animals)
  • ​Stringent EMA (European Medicines Agency) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulatory requirements 

Australia - Sydney

  • Focused on ruminants (bovine and ovine), pharmaceutical and biological products
  • Development of local projects and collaboration to common projects with South Africa and Latin America
  • Registration of European marketing authorization files

Mexico - Guadalajara

  • Focused on pharmaceutical products for food producing animals (parasiticides, antibiotics and growth factors)
  • Premixes, oral soluble powders, injectables, tablets
  • Development of projects that can be exported to Latin America, Asia and South Africa

USA - St. Louis

  • Focused on companion animal products
  • Stringent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulatory requirements
  • Less regulated products
  • Development of common companion animal products essentially with Europe

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

  • Focused on food producing animal species
  • Probiotics for food producing animals
  • Import of developments from Latin America, India and Europe mainly
  • Developments for the entire continental Asia (excluding China)


  • Focused on pigs and aquaculture
  • Vaccines for food producing animals
  • Asian and Latin-American regulations

Chili - Santiago (Centrovet)

  • Focused on all animal species but more specifically on food producing animals
  • Pharmaceutical and biological products
  • Speciality: aquaculture vaccines

Uruguay - Montevideo (Santa Elena)

  • Focused on all animal species but more specifically on food producing animals
  • Pharmaceutical and biological products
  • Speciality: vaccines and nutritional products for ruminants
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