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With a global management of projects organized by species, Virbac innovation is based on both technological advances and listening to customers. Every new product aims to improve the treatment of animal pathologies and facilitate veterinary practice. The Group has a broad technical expertise which is used to develop original formulations, improving the safety and effectiveness of treatments while increasing their compliance.
Seeking new molecules, creating original formulations of existing ones and combining them, developing medicines to counteract emerging pathologies but also preventing them is an integral part of the company's development processes. The input of external technologies such as licencing is also preferred. Through this approach, Virbac launches between four and six new products per year, an optimal rate to support the constant evolution of veterinary medicine.
The Group Product Innovation structure incorporates the necessity of responding to customers' needs in terms of new products and improvements to existing ones. Creativity, trend analysis, investigating the essential needs of customers and technological development (whether originating from external partners or the company's own specialist knowledge) are combined to optimize the project benefit content to seek improvement of current company product, creating greater value for the company and improving customers satisfaction. 
In addition to Strategic Marketing in the frame of product innovation dedicated to those segments, Innovation is supported by all R&D worldwide. The most significant of those R&D centers is Carros.


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