Shaping the future of animal health
Virbac group
Strategy and analysis
Reporting its long-term development is a natural move for Virbac, for multiple reasons.


Group contact
Sandrine Brunel 
Head of corporate communications
13e rue LID - BP 27
06511 Carros cedex


Virbac in 3 minutes


The Group's aim is to increase its market share in the two animal health sectors (companion animals and food-producing animals) while still steadily improving its operational profitability. Preferring to rely on closeness with customers and mobilisation of its teams, the Group's strategy revolves around 6 priority themes. 
• focus on animal health and a strategy of developing own-brands;
• the pursuit of global leadership in the companion animal sector and selective development in the food-producing animal sector;
• a strategy of dominating niche markets, and of either staying away from or standing out as different in the most competitive sectors;
• innovation directed by the market, involving research, development and licensing;
• priority growth areas (North America, then Asia and Latin America) and areas for growth and profitability optimisation (Europe and the Pacific);
• a strategy of selective external growth.
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