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Innovative thinking dedicated to animal health

Innovative thinking dedicated to animal healthWorking at Virbac means putting emphasis on creativity across the board and benefiting from empowerment to address customers’ needs within agreed guidelines.
Business development managerLudmila Díez Aires, business development manager (Brazil)
"Everybody associates innovation with new products, but at Virbac it’s also about new ways of doing things, new ways of selling and new markets to sell to. It’s really about being free to see things in a new way."
Sebastien Geollot.jpg
Sébastien Geollot, technical manager (France)
“Even the organization and the decision-making at Virbac is innovative. Before coming to Virbac I had only ever encountered the traditional hierarchical approach. But here it’s so much more informal and lateral. I think of it like an orchestra: everybody plays a different instrument, but it all comes together to make a symphony.”


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