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A two-voice interview with Éric Marée, chairman of the executive board and the head of Corporate Human Resources.

What are the challenges for Virbac with this EMPLOYER VALUE PROPOSITION?
Éric Marée: attracting the best talents has always been key focus for us. What is new is that we have formalized a specific and homogenous employer value proposition globally in order to reinforce our visibility among our targeted candidates pool. It is not only a matter to invite them to join us but mostly to convince them to join us long term. The « war for talent » is a daily reality, in particular for a company like ours that puts people in the heart of our performance. Having a strong employer voice to support our international growth is a medium and long term competitive ambition.
What are the assets that Virbac can put forward to make the difference?
Éric Marée: those that join us are pleasantly surprised. They discover highly engaged employees, bonded with the company, and realize that our professional practices are like those of larger companies, yet we implement changes much quicker.
HRD: Virbac offers the space and the conditions to undertake. The human dimension is a reality. Each one can write a piece of the story. For those in the middle of their career, the company brings a breath of fresh air, for the younger ones, it is a fabulous school.
How will you transmit this employer message?
HRD: from now, we will speak with one voice around the world. That is the starting point of our initiative since Virbac has now reached another dimension. The company maintains its culture in being close to customers and markets, while becoming more efficient at global level. We will succeed thanks to all our employees, those already with us, and those who will join us. Formalizing our employer message aims at providing to all of us common words to talk about our company evolution and the human adventure that Virbac offers.
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